59 killed in Syrian army attack on ‘Eastern Ghouta’

syria, syrian aarmy, assad, eastern ghouta, US, russiaDamascus: 59 people were killed in the air attacks by the Syrian army on ‘Eastern Ghouta’ near the Syrian capital of Damascus. Children also are included in the casualties and the ‘Civil Defence’ has severely denounced these attacks. The United Nations (UN), the United States and other leading countries have warned Syria to stop these attacks in ‘Eastern Ghouta’. The United States and its allies had moved a resolution for action against Syria, accusing it of genocide in the UN Security Council (UNSC). But Russia used its veto to save the Syrian regime once again. Therefore, the possibility of stopping the conflict, which has already accounted for more than 1200 lives, has been ruled out.

The local agencies informed that there was a massive rocket attack on the Duma city in ‘Eastern Ghouta’ on Tuesday. These attacks by the Syrian army and their associates relentlessly continued till Wednesday morning. The human rights organisations have expressed concerns of more casualties as they are unable to deliver the aid to the injured in Duma, Harasta and other cities. The attacks by the Syrian army are claimed to have escalated in the last five days.

syria, syrian aarmy, assad, eastern ghouta, US, russiaThe anti-Assad rebels have alleged that the attacks have increased since they started discussions for ceasefire with the UN. The rebels and the UN had come to a consensus to relocate the civilians after announcing a ceasefire in ‘Eastern Ghouta’. The ‘White Helmet’ organisation has criticised that the continuous attacks by the Syrian army have resulted in failure to impose a ceasefire.

The United States and its allies have accused the Syrian regime of a ceasefire violation. The allegations of chemical attacks by the Syrian regime, have also intensified. The United States and its allies are asking for a strong UNSC action against the Assad regime. However, Russia has dismissed the allegations by saying that, ‘the Syrian regime is fighting against the rebels’. Russia has also claimed that the Syrian regime has moved thousands of civilians from ‘Eastern Ghouta’ to a safe place during the ceasefire.

There are reports that the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad visited the Syrian soldiers in the Eastern Ghouta Region during the conflict. Nevertheless, locals have criticised that the Syrian President has not made even simple inquiries about the trapped citizens.

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