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36 protestors killed in action taken by the Iranian military; protests spread to 100 Iranian cities
32 terrorists killed in the military action in Burkina Faso
Japan and South Korea should provide additional funds for US military deployment, demands President Donald Trump
19 killed in a bomb blast in Syria, Turkey blames Kurds
Chinese soldiers on Hong Kong streets, under the Operation Clean-up, protestors use petrol bombs, arrows to retaliate
Chinese aircraft carrier sails through Taiwan Strait; US & Japanese warships trail the aircraft carrier
US warns caution against the background of violence in Mexico
12 killed in violent demonstrations against fuel price rise in Iran

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President’s rule imposed in Maharashtra

President’s rule imposed in Maharashtra

New Delhi: President’s rule has been imposed in Maharashtra. Claifying that no political party in Maharashtra had the ability to form a government, Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari recommended President’s…

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