Russia and the US issue warnings over Syrian chemical attacks

Third World WarWashington/Moscow: US President Donald Trump criticised Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of being an “animal” after the chemical attack took place in Douma in Eastern Ghouta on Saturday. He also warned that a heavy price will have to be paid for these chemical attacks in Syria. Russia reacted to this and warned that future attacks on Syria on the basis of these false allegations will have dire consequences.


President Trump targeted Russia along with the Syrian Government for these chemical attacks in Douma. ‘The chemical attack killing innocent women and children is an act of foolishness. This cruelty of the Syrian army cannot be pardoned. Assad is an animal and President Putin, Russia and Iran allare responsible for his actions. Assad will have to pay a heavy price,’ slammed President Trump.

However, Russian Foreign Ministry has said that the news about the chemical attacks is fake. ‘Military attacks under the pretext of the chemical attacks in Syria will not be tolerated. The Russian army present in Syria at the behest of President Assad, will ensure serious consequences for the attackers,’ warned the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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