Conflicts in Syria can trigger Third World War in 30 seconds: Military Analyst

Washington/Moscow/Damascus (News Agency) – Military analyst’s claim that it would take merely 30 seconds to trigger the Third World War as the aerial attacks that are being carried out in Syria by Russia and US allies. British daily ‘The Mirror’ published an analysis which states that if mistakenly even one aircraft is attacked Third World War would be inevitable triggered due to misunderstanding.

Conflicts in Syria can trigger Third World War in 30 seconds: Military Analyst

Russian fighter planes have intensified attacks over ‘IS’ locations possibly leading to serious danger. America, Britain and France also have been carrying out attacks over ‘IS’ locations. Britain has ordered their pilots to gun down any Russian aircraft that may interfere in their proceedings. America has already warned Russia to stay out of their operations in Syria, likewise Russia has advised the American, British and French fighter planes to stay away from their fighter planes.

This background can result in dangerous after effects if even one jet of either of these nations is shot down. Russia and American are carrying out missile attacks in Syria which has increased the possibility of hazard to fighter jets. Under such circumstances even if one plane crashes, just out of mere misunderstanding, the Third World War may ignite, claims ‘The Mirror’ based on the analyst’s reports.

Analyst has brought to notice that Syrian air territory is extremely busy due to the activities of fighter aircrafts and in this situation possibility of misunderstanding has also increased. Discussions are in progress amongst Russia and America in order to avoid such misunderstandings to take place amidst Syrian aerial territories. However earlier discussions proved to be futile. It is known that prior to these discussions America and Russia had been severely accusing each other. Russian President Vladimir Putin accused America for not agreeing to provide secret information related to ‘IS’ while America has been dabbing Russia for targeting rebellions opposing anti-staunch regime under the pretence of taking actions over ‘IS’.

The International media claim Syria to have become a battle field of America and Russia where a new cold war has triggered. It is also now evident that Iran and Saudi Arabia have also participated in this hidden war in Syria.

British daily ‘Telegraph’ claimed Iran to have directed their army to assist Syrian army to fight in the conflicts in the Syrian city Aleppo. At the same time spiritual leaders in Saudi Arabia have pronounced ‘Jihad’ in opposition to the staunch regime of Syria and have appealed to the masses of the nations supporting Saudi Arabia to participate in this battle. Hence it is evident worldwide that not only Russia and America but Iran and Saudi Arabia are openly participating in the conflicts in Syria. Saudi Arabia expressed their strong discontent over the Russian Air attacks in Syria and threatened Russia to provide full support to the rebellions opposing anti-staunch regime.

Post the aerial attacks of Russian fighter jets over 86 locations of ‘IS’ the weapon depot is claimed to have been destroyed. It is said that ‘IS’ the dangerous terrorist organization to have become helpless after the Russian air strikes. ‘IS’ has threatened to strongly retaliate back the attacks by intruding into Russia and America in a pronounced ‘holy war’.

It is getting increasingly evident that the conflicts in Syria is not just between two nations or two groups  but has a different facet to it as well. American Military and Intelligence Wing authorities are proposing to supply weaponry to the Kurds in Syria who are battling against ‘IS’. However Turkish authorities have warned that they will not tolerate American furnishing weapons to the Kurds who have their immense presence in Syria, Iraq and Turkey. The Kurds in this region are demanding for formation of an independent nation while the Kurdish dominant regions of Iraq have formed their own government. The Kurds in Turkey are also demanding for formation of an independent nation and the Turkish government is taking stern actions over these Kurdish rebellions.

Under such circumstances if America supplies weapons to the Kurds to battle against ‘IS’ and to defeat Russia, it is evident that Turkey will have to face grave consequences for same. On account of this there is a great difference in opinion amongst America and Kurds in Turkey who are unanimous about the battle against ‘IS’ and the staunch regimes in Syria.

Due to all these factors the chaos in Syria is intensifying and it is extremely uncertain of who is battling against whom. The anti ‘IS’ conflicts in Syria has resulted in a weird complexity of politics within Gulf and vested interest of nations outside Gulf in the near future seems to increase rather than to simplify.

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