UK staged the Syria chemical attack, says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Third World WarDamascus: ‘The Syrian government was held responsible for the chemical attacks in Eastern Ghouta two months ago. But in reality, there were no chemical attacks. British Prime Minister Theresa May staged the chemical attacks with the help of the Syrian rebels and the other organisations,’ accused Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. The Syrian President also accused the UK government of staging a conspiracy to defame his Government in Syria.

UK, Assad, syria, chemical attack, theresa may, eastern ghoutaSyrian President Assad made this claim in an interview with a British newspaper. It was declared that more than 60 people had died and hundreds had been injured in a chemical attack on Eastern Ghouta on 7th April. The rebel organisation Jaish al-Islam had blamed the Syrian army accusing them of carrying out this chemical attack to target the anti-Assad rebels in Eastern Ghouta. A UK-based human rights organisation had confirmed the news.

The chemical attacks on Eastern Ghouta came under criticism from the United States, France and also the United Kingdom. They had demanded for a strong action against the Assad regime. However, Syrian President Assad claimed that no chemical attack was carried out, while talking to the British newspaper.

The United Kingdom staged the chemical attack with help from the Syrian rebels and the human rights organisations. Behind this façade, the western countries wanted the Civil War in Syria to continue and also wanted to corner him, claimed Assad.

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