The blaze of the Third World War in Syria will engulf the whole world, warns President Assad

Third World War

Damascus: ‘The current conflict in Syria is nothing but a World War. But it is entirely different from the First and the Second World War. The blazing war will soon engulf the entire world. Nobody will be able to control this conflagration, thereafter,’ was the grave warning issued by the Syrian President, ‘Bashar Al Assad’. President Assad presented the appalling reality about the Third World War, during an interview with a daily.


The Syrian conflict is assuming dangerous proportions since the last few weeks. Israel, after carrying out fierce attacks on the Iranian military bases in Syria, has threatened that such attacks will continue. Israel has also warned that if Iran is allowed to use the Syrian land to attack Israel, it  will not hesitate to eliminate Assad. The main leaders of Israel have advised President Assad to learn his lesson from the Israeli attacks on the Iranian military bases.

Against this background, the Syrian President presented his stance about the conflict in Syria in an interview with a Greek daily. President Assad conceded the fact that the conflict in his country was actually a World War. The experts have repeatedly stated that Syria has become the centre of the Third World War. President Assad has accepted this and said that his country has become a battlefield for the superpowers. ‘Even if the superpowers are involved indirectly in the Syrian conflict as of today, the time is not far when they will clash directly with each other and then the explosion will engulf the entire world.’ President Assad expressed his concern in these words.

The United States and Russia are at loggerheads with each other and both countries have issued stern warnings to each other. President Trump has challenged Russia saying that, Russia, who is acting as a saviour of the Assad regime, should show if it can fight the US missiles. There was a fierce missile attack on Syria within a few hours of this warning. The United States, Britain and France had carried out these combined attacks after the chemical attack in Syria. Russia had warned that these attacks would receive a fitting reply. At the same time, Israel has continued to attack the Iranian military bases in Syria. This has resulted in a formidable conflict between the United States and Allies against Russia, Iran and the Syrian government.

President Assad presented the position of his government in the said interview, while talking about this bloody conflict. Saying that, ‘Syria is fighting the terrorists. According to us, terrorists are the soldiers for the United States.’ President Assad accused the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey of protecting the terrorists. Assad claimed that anyone who illegally steps on to the Syrian soil would be considered a terrorist. He said that Syria is fighting a war to free the land occupied by these terrorists and to prevent attacks on the land that is freed from terrorist control.

President Assad said that the Turkish President, Erdogan is a US agent and accused that Erdogan is working for fulfilment of the United States’ objectives in Syria. President Assad, even previously, had accused Erdogan of being a United States agent. Assad had said that Erdogan is a puppet in the hands of the United States and the organisation Islamic Brotherhood.

President Assad expressed anger over the accusations on the Syrian government of carrying out chemical attacks on its own people are termed them as being absolutely baseless.

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