Russia successfully tests new ‘Anti-satellite’ and ‘Supersonic cruise’ missiles on the background of conflict in Syria

Third World WarMoscow: Against the background of the deteriorating situation in Syria, Russia successfully tested ‘Anti-Satellite’ ‘Nudol’ missile capable of weakening the United States communication and connectivity systems. The Russian sources claimed that the missile test was conducted near the Russian capital, Moscow. It has come to light that the Russian navy tested the ‘P-500 Bazalt’ supersonic missile on Tuesday.

Though it is said that ‘Nudol’ missile is capable of targeting the satellites outside the earth’s atmosphere, it will be used for long range defence and it is based on the ‘Kinetic Energy’ technology.

The atmosphere is already volatile at the international level over the Syrian chemical attack and there are indications of a conflict between the United States and Russia. Before the Syrian attack, the tension between the western countries and Russia had peaked over the issue of poisoning of the former Russian spy in Britain. The clashes in Syria have added fuel to fire and it is predicted that the situation will soon explode.

During the testing of the missile known as ‘Nudol’ as well as ‘PL19’, the ‘Transporter’ also was displayed. It is said that Russia has been testing this missile since 2015 and  the test conducted last month was said to be the sixth.

The speed of the ‘P-500 Bazalt’ supersonic missile is 1800 miles per hour and is based on the ‘Turbo Jet’ technology. This test was conducted during a training exercise of the Russian defence forces and the missile ruiser, ‘Marshal Ustinov’ was used for it. The Russian sources have claimed that this nuclear capable missile can successfully hit targets up to 550 km.

In the beginning of this month, Russia tested the anti-ballistic missile defence system, ‘A-135 antimissile shield’. The Russian sources had claimed that the missile launched in this test was capable of targeting fighter jets as well as satellites in space. Over the past few months, the United States intelligence agencies had repeatedly warned about the ‘Space Based Anti-Satellite Missile Weapons’ being developed by Russia and China.

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