US attacks Syrian military base

Third World War

Damascus: The Syrian agencies have claimed that the United States had carried out an attack on a Syrian military base near the Iraqi border. Hezbollah also has claimed this to be an attack by the United States. However, the United States has not confirmed this report and the damages caused in the attack also have not been disclosed. Therefore, the plot around the attack seems to be thickening.

The United States attacked the T-2 military base near the Iraqi border in eastern Syria. The details of damages, even though suffered by the Syrian military in these two attacks have not been disclosed. The Syrian agencies have disclosed information regarding the same. They have claimed that the military’s presence at the site was due to its campaign against the IS. It is said that IS still has a stronghold in this area.

Meanwhile, the United States has not confirmed this news report. The US military officials in Syria clearly refused to talk about the attacks, while the Pentagon officials have said that they don’t have any information of these attacks. Thus, it is evident that the United States is not keen to discuss this issue. The Syrian military action against the IS has been intensified since the last few days and capital Damascus and its surrounding areas have been declared free from IS as per the Syrian announcement.

At the same time as these reports were being published, the news of the Russian military police patrolling Damascus has come forth. Therefore, it is being claimed that President Putin’s grip over Syria is tightening. Along with this, there were reports of Russia shooting down the drones which were flying near the Russian base in Khemeimim, Syria. Russia has not clarified the identity of the drones.

Amongst these rapid developments, reports have been received of the attack on the T-2 Syrian military base by the United States. This is an indication that the intensity of the conflict in Syria is increasing rather than the contrary. The analysts in the Middle East have warned that Syria will become the battleground for the United States and Russia; also that the Third World War shall erupt from the same site and all the countries in the region will get dragged into the furnace of the war, one after the other. The Syrian situation is under nobody’s control ever since the United States and its allies carried out the crushing attack on Syria accusing it of using chemical weapons against its own citizens. Therefore, a new era of a fierce conflict between the United States and Russia along with their respective supporters nations and groups, seems to have started in Syria.

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