The US also should lead the ‘Space Force’ like Russia and China; President Donald Trump

Third World WarWashington: ‘Russia has already established a Space Force for security in outer space. China also has taken a lead in this sector. The United States cannot afford to lag behind in the race for the “Space Force”. It is mandatory for the United States to take a lead in the “Space Force” sector to protect the interests of the US interests in outer space,’ announced US President, Donald Trump. Some members of the US Congress have welcomed the announcement by President Trump.

President Trump revealed the information about the efforts for the establishment of the Space Force while addressing a function in the United States. He said that it would be his endeavour to make the US defence forces, already known as the leading defence forces, more advanced and better equipped. There is a record provision of $700 billion for defence expenditure with a special provision for the Space Force, said President Trump.

US, Russia, Space force, russia, president trumpA few opponents criticised the announcement of the Space Force and the provisions made for it. But China and Russia, arch rivals of the United States in the defence sector, are leading in the Space Force sector. Therefore, it is necessary for the United States to create a Space Force and lead the sector, announced President Trump. ‘The United States has the best rockets, missiles, tanks, warships and other equipment. It is mandatory for the United States to take a lead in the Space Force based on this,’ said President Trump to underline the need for the new defence force.

President Trump had made the announcement of the Space Force for the first time on the 18th of June. He had suggested that there should be a separate Space Force in the US defence schematic. At the same time, he had appealed to the US Congress to pass the proposal keeping in view the increasing threat to the US interests in outer space.

Trump had said that there is a threat to the US satellites and other interests in the outer space from Russia and China. Trump had warned that the Space Force was necessary for the security of the United States. Russia and China have increased their domination in outer space. Both these countries have an independent Space Force and they have also developed the capability to destroy enemy satellites. President Trump had claimed that due to this, there was a threat to US security from Russia and China, as the United States has the maximum number of satellites operating in the space.

However, the opponents of President Trump have criticised the proposal to create a Space Force. The opponents had claimed that the creation of the Space Force is expensive and a burden on the US economy. They attempted to dismiss the Space Force proposal claiming that the US air force and other defence forces are competent enough to face the challenges in outer space. But the US defence forces, as well as the former military officials, have supported President Trump’s proposal.