US to deploy missiles in outer space in retaliation of Russia and China

Third World WarWashington: The United States is under threat from the hypersonic missiles from Russia and China. Therefore, for the security of the United States and to retaliate equally strongly against Russia and China, the United States will deploy missiles in outer space, announced a senior Pentagon official. As per the information received, Pentagon is planning to deploy at least 1,000 missiles in the outer space. Last week itself, President Donald Trump added Outer Space Command Force, the sixth division in the defence forces and emphasised that the events in outer space and their security will be of prime importance.

Samuel Greaves, the Director of the Missile Defence Agency of the United States, while speaking at a meeting of the special officers of the US military, said that the United States and its allies are faced with huge challenges. ‘In the last few months, China and Russia are on a spree of hypersonic missile testing. The security of the United States and its allies is under threat from these hypersonic missiles. The United States, therefore, cannot turn a blind eye to this growing strength of Russia and China.’ warned the Director of the Missile Defence Agency of the United States, Samuel Greaves.

us, outer space, russia, chinaOne of the officials connected to the US defence department presented the Pentagon plan for the future. Michael Griffin, the Deputy Secretary for Research and Technology, suggested that the United States should directly deploy its missiles in the outer space to counter the threat of the hypersonic missiles made by Russia and China. ‘While thinking about the missile defence, we cannot isolate the outer space.’ clarified Griffin. Griffin claimed that the United States does not possess the capability to neutralise these hypersonic missiles in the air.

The United States does not possess a comprehensive, long-term and multipurpose air defence system to detect and destroy hypersonic missiles fired from any corner of the world. Therefore, preparations are underway to deploy one thousand missiles and satellites with super advanced sensors in the outer space to neutralise the hypersonic missile attacks from China and Russia. Earliier, it was being said that there would be an expenditure of billions of dollars for the security of outer space. But this is a much lesser expenditure and the United States will implement this scheme soon, said Griffin.

The United States is in possession of advanced missile defence systems like Patriot and THAAD. These US air defence systems, deployed at military bases and sea in various countries, are for defence against the ballistic missiles. But these systems are not capable of neutralising the hypersonic missiles, which travel at a speed of 7,000 kilometres per hour, was accepted by John Hayton, commander of the US Strategic Command the also the military analysts.

The United States has initiated efforts to manufacture hypersonic missiles like Russia and China. These missiles will soon be deployed in the coming times. But before launching them on the enemy sites, the United States needs to have hypersonic sensors as this will make it easier to locate and attack the mobile missiles and launchers. If these sensors are installed in the outer space, it will be very easy to attack the enemy missiles, claimed Griffin.

The Pentagon officials have expressed concerns over the rising arsenal of hypersonic missiles with China and Russia, even in the past. The US officials had demanded an increase in the defence outlay to keep the United States a few steps ahead of the competition. President Trump has accepted the demand of these officers. Whereas, the US Congress is thinking about the proposal.

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