US naval submarine fleet ready for conflict with China and Russia

Third World WarArlington: To counter the increasing naval strength of China and Russia, the US Navy, under the leadership of US President Donald Trump has created an aggressive submarine fleet. This fleet has been ordered to be in an all-time state-of-readiness in case of a conflict with China and Russia. Vice Admiral Charles Richard had recently warned that the US Navy submarines would soon be ready to retaliate against the enemy.

As per the information given by a website closely following the activities of the US Navy, a fleet of attack-submarines has been formed under the command of Vice Admiral Richard. This fleet will soon initiate exercises at various levels. Real war-like scenarios will be created in these exercises. The former naval officials and the reserve navy units will be responsible for these exercises. Analysts who know foreign naval campaigns will also be included in the exercises. The website informed that these exercises would be planned keeping the threats from Russia and China in view.

us navy, submarine fleet, china, russiaPresident Trump who made aggressive changes in the US defence forces entrusted the entire submarine fleet to Vice Admiral Charles Richard. On taking over this responsibility, Vice Admiral Richard advised to form an independent, aggressive submarine fleet. The US military officials had claimed that this was the first decision, since the 9/11 attacks in the United States, to modernise and increase the state-of-readiness of the US Navy submarines.

While justifying his decision, Vice Admiral Richard has announced, ‘If a war sparks in the near future, the US population will expect a victory from us. The US Navy will not dishearten the US public. We will definitely emerge victorious in the war.’ US analysts had claimed that China, who is trying to dominate the Asia-Pacific region, is looking seriously at this modernisation of the submarine fleet. In view of this, Vice Admiral Richard seems to have issued a warning to China by building this aggressive submarine fleet.

The US Navy currently has 56 nuclear submarines. But despite the US Navy has the largest fleet in the world, China has more submarines than the US Navy. Russia is also very close behind the United States. This is the reason for Vice Admiral Richard to create a fleet of aggressive submarines to enable the United States to retaliate strongly in the eventuality of a war breaking up with Russia or China.

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