Iran news agency claims nuclear scientist assassinated using a remote control

Tehran: News agency ‘Fars News’, affiliated to the Iranian government claimed that Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, believed to be the father of Iranian nuclear bomb, was killed using a remote control. The Iranian news agency claimed that the assassination of the scientist and his wife was carried out, operating machine guns mounted on motor cars, with remote control. This claim rocks the sequence of events, for the last three days, regarding the killing of Fakhrizadeh. The Iranian government has refrained form commenting on the news report. While nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh and his wife were travelling towards Absard, indiscriminate firing started from a truck parked nearby. Fakhrizadeh who came out of the car hearing the noise, a machine gun operated using a remote control, mounted in a car, sprayed bullets on him, killing him. Three bullets hit Fakhrizadeh and the soldiers who came out for his security also were attacked. Fars claimed that his wife too was killed on the spot, in the attack.

Iran news agency claims nuclear scientist assassinated using a remote controlFars said that the assassination was carried out by controlling the machine gun from a minimum distance of 150 metres from the vehicle of Fakhrizadeh. Thereafter, in the next few minutes, even the car was blown away. Search for the owner of the vehicle revealed that the owner had fled the country, on 29th of October.

Iran news agency claims nuclear scientist assassinated using a remote controlMilitary analysts expressed doubts over the claims made by the news agency. These military analysts claimed that assassination could not be carried out, with such precision, installing machine guns on a motor and controlling them with remote control. Whereas, the Iranian media have claimed that a dozen Israeli agents are involved in the Fakhrizadeh killing. But no one has been, so far, arrested for the assassination.

Iran government and the concerned agencies have neither endorsed nor reacted to the report released by the Iranian news agency. Therefore, the mystery surrounding the assassination of Fakhrizadeh is deepening further.

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