Powerful US leader, John McCain was a Godfather of ‘Muslim Brotherhood’; claims anchor of Egyptian news channel

Third World WarCairo: An Egyptian analyst has claimed that John McCain, a US Republican party leader, was a Godfather of the extremist organisation ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. Ahmed Moussa, a compere of a program on the Saad Al Balad channel in Egypt, has made this allegation and has presented evidence to substantiate the claim.

John McCain, the powerful US leader died on 25th August at the age of 81. He was suffering from brain cancer and hence, he was away from active politics, since last few months. A national mourning of two days was declared in the United States following his death. McCain had contested the presidential elections as a Republican party candidate against Barack Obama.

Although he could not win the presidential election, McCain was a senator of the Republican Party and held the post of President of the Congressional Committee for foreign affairs for a long time. Mccain was known to be an influential leader in the US foreign and defence policies. He had served in the US military as a senior before entering politics.

US, Johm McCain, muslim brotherhood, egyptA leader with such credentials was alleged to be a Godfather of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ by Ahmed Moussa during a program. Muslim Brotherhood is an organisation formed in 1928 in the Gulf. Even today, it has a significant influence over Egypt and other Gulf and South-East Asian countries.

But Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Syria have declared Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation and have acted against it. Ahmed Moussa alleged that John McCain had the real leadership and management of the Muslim Brotherhood more than the main leaders of Muslim Brotherhood like Mohammed Mahdi Akef and Mohammed Morsi. Moreover, McCain had more influence on the organisation than the Turkish President Recep Erdogan, clarified Moussa in the program.

This is the reason that the Muslim Neighbourhood leaders were seen at John McCain’s funeral, pointed out Moussa. Moreover, the Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar, Turkey, United Kingdom arranged prayer meetings to mourn the death of John McCain, informed Moussa.

There had been a demand for an investigation of the Muslim Neighbourhood in the United States. But John McCain had protested against the demand and nullified the efforts made in that direction, reminded Moussa. At the same time, it was McCain who opened the gates of the US Congress to the Muslim Neighbourhood. McCain prevented any action against Muslim Neighbourhood and provided security to them.

Along with Ahmed Moussa, another reporter, ‘Sayyad Ali’, from a Gulf news channel has also made serious allegations against McCain. Sayyad Ali said that McCain was a terrorist and was plotting to bring anarchy in the world and also said that the world is now safe with the death of McCain, during a program on the news channel.

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