Armed groups active against in the US the immigrants coming from Mexico

Third World WarWashington: The visit of US President, Donald Trump to the Border Wall on the US-Mexico border expedited the action against the illegal immigrants. The local people also have taken the initiative to stop illegal immigration, along with the security forces deployed at the border. Armed groups have become active in the New Mexico State, which shares its border with Mexico and incidents of these groups stopping the illegal immigrants have been highlighted.

A few days ago, US President, Donald Trump visited the border wall on the US-Mexico border, in the state of California and assessed the anti-immigrant activities. Before this visit, he had even threatened to close the US-Mexico border. The threat and the subsequent visit to the Border Wall, by President Trump, has activated the border security agencies and the campaign against the illegal immigrants has become more aggressive.

armed groups, mexico, us, immigrantsLast week, during an action, the security agencies at the US-Mexico border, detained 1,800 illegal immigrants in just 24 hours. All these immigrants were from Central American countries. These actions by the security agencies enjoy massive support at the local level. In the states of Texas and New Mexico, the locals have formed an armed group, and they are carrying out surveillance at the border.

The media have reported that an armed group ‘United Constitutional Patriots’ has stopped hundreds of illegal immigrants while carrying out surveillance at the border. Some reports and videos have been received about this activity. The video shows the group members stopping the immigrants, telling them that the group was a part of border patrol. The immigrants detained by these groups were from central American countries, and subsequently, they were handed over to the security agencies.

Before this, in November, Trump had deployed military at the border to stop immigrants coming from Honduras. Armed groups had been formed in Texas, while the military was still deployed at the border. The group Texas Minutemen had nearly 200 members. The groups formed in Texas and New Mexico are the ardent supporters of President Donald Trump, and they also support the Border wall being built on the US-Mexico border.

President Trump has consistently given priority to the immigrant influx and has adopted an aggressive stance against it. He had pursued the issue of immigrants coming from Mexico, during the presidential campaign and had promised to build a Wall on the Mexico border. US defence department announced a funding of USD 1 billion, for the Mexico wall.

Before that, President Trump had augmented the security to stop the influx. Reports had surfaced that an attempt to intrude was going to be made in February. But Trump adopted an aggressive stand directly threatening to declare an emergency.

FBI action against those detaining immigrants

FBI has initiated action against the armed groups illegally detaining the illegal immigrants intruding into the United States through the Mexican border. Larry Michael Hopkins, aged 70, has been detained in this connection. As per Hector Balderas, the Attorney General of New Mexico State,with this arrest, the FBI has delivered a message that the authority to take action is only with the trained personnel from security agencies. Balderas warned that others are not authorised to do that and permission to carry out such activities cannot be issued to any outsiders.


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