US President asks for $4 billion from Saudi for Syria campaign

Washington/ Riyadh : President Donald Trump has proposed to Saudi Arabia to contribute $4 billion for achieving the common objectives of dislodging the Assad Regime in Syria and ending the Russian and Iranian influence. A military related website has claimed that the US President made this demand during a telephonic discussion with the Saudi King Salman, three months ago. Only last month, Pentagon had asked for a funding of $500 million to deploy a minimum of 60,000 soldiers in Syria.

Syria-campaignThe US President and the Saudi King Salman had set three objectives for Syria, during their talk. The first was rebuilding the areas in which the United States or the United States sponsored groups have gained control. The second was to finish the Assad regime and end the possibilities of his return. Whereas, the third objective was to end the Russian and Iranian influence who support the Assad regime. The US President forwarded this proposal for funding, pointing out that finishing the Assad regime and ending the Russian and Iranian influence were the common objectives.

The US officials in the know of the conversation have claimed that the US President has successfully convinced Saudi King Salman to fund the operations. No further information has been revealed about the matter. But releasing this information at a time when the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is about to embark on his US trip, draws attention.

Saudi Arabia had initiated help to the anti-Assad groups when the conflict started in Syria. Saudi regime has repeatedly announced its objective of dislodging the Assad regime. At the same time, the Saudi camp had serious concerns that Iran was increasing its influence in the Gulf region through Assad. It has been revealed that Saudi Arabia has taken a cooperative stance with Egypt and Israel to counter the Assad and Iranian influence.

On the other hand, President Donald Trump also has clarified that removal of Assad from power in Syria is the main objective. He has taken an aggressive stance on the issue of countering the Iranian influence. The US Defence headquarters had submitted a proposal of $686 billion to the Parliament about a month ago. This included the $500 million demanded by Pentagon for the Syrian conflict.

The US Envoy to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, had taken an aggressive stance even in the United Nations, by issuing a stern warning last week that if the Assad regime does not stop the chemical attacks on Syrian people, United States will carry out a strike similar to ‘Khan Sheikhoun’.

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