US and Israel reply to the Iranian nuclear blackmail

Third World WarJerusalem/Washington: The United States and Israel expressed severe anger over the Iranian statement that it will cross the limit of enriched Uranium stock, in the next ten days. The White House and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have both said “Iran is resorting to ‘Nuclear Blackmail’ making these announcements of increasing the stock of enriched Uranium. But under any circumstances, we will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power.” The United States and Israel have appealed to the international community to increase the pressure on Iran, who is resorting to Nuclear Blackmail.


A vitriolic comment came from the National Security Advisory committee of US President Trump, following the Iranian announcement. The committee pointed out that the 4-year old nuclear deal was ineffective saying ‘Despite the nuclear deal, signed in 2015, Iranian nuclear program did not suffer any setbacks, and therefore Iran can increase the stock of enriched Uranium.’ Garrett Makkis, the spokesman of the committee, reminded that President Trump had already announced that the United States would not allow Iran to become a nuclear power.

us, israel, iran, nuclear blackmailThe United States accused the Iranian government of Nuclear Blackmailing of the international community, threatening to cross the limit of enriched Uranium by 27th of June. The International community should increase its pressure on Iran to shoot down the Iranian plot. President Trump Suggested that the United States has initiated tightening the Noose of sanctions around Iran and the European countries also should support the stance taken by the United States and withdraw from the nuclear deal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also lashed out at the Iranian threat of the deadline. ‘This Iranian threat is a violation of international rules and the nuclear deal. Prime Minister Netanyahu appealed that hence, the international community should immediately start efforts to impose sanctions against Iran. Netanyahu also said that even today, Israel was absolutely firm that Iran will not be allowed to acquire Nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and other Arabic countries are also criticising Iran. Whereas, the European countries who have supported Iran till now, have asked Iran to exhibit restraint. France has declared that it will not withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal till the time, the International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) of the United Nations, publishes official information regarding the Iranian nuclear program.

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