China oppressing Hongkong on the Tiananmen issue, criticises US Secretary of State

Washington: – US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo fired a salvo of criticism at China saying that the Chinese rulers are gagging Hongkong, by denying permission to organise a program in remembrance of the Tiananmen Square massacre. China threatened the United States over the Hongkong issue on Monday. The United States has given an apt reply targeting China over the Tiananmen and Hongkong issue at the same time. The media claimed that while criticising China over the Tiananmen issue, the Secretary of State, met a few former Chinese student leaders.

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo lashed out at China with piercing words ‘This is the first time, in 30 years, China has refused permission for the function, organised in memory of Tiananmen Square massacre. People who have doubts about the intentions of the Chinese communist rulers, regarding Hongkong, should take note of this. China is gagging Hongkong. The voice and aspirations of the people of Hongkong are being suppressed and they have been put in a condition similar to the people in China.’ Pompeo also passed a sarcastic remark that it is evident from this, how China is implementing the ‘Two Systems’ policy.

Tiananmen Square is a susceptible issue for Chinese communist rulers. On 4th June 1989, the Chinese government had perpetrated a heinous massacre, of young students, agitating for democracy in China, using military power. Thousands of students were killed in this. But using its vast political and military might, the Chinese communist government got the entire history of the agitation and the massacre, obscured. Even today, mention of the incident is banned in China. 

Despite this, a big function is organised, on 4th June, in Hongkong in remembrance of the Tiananmen massacre. The people of Hongkong attend the function in huge numbers. Despite restrictions imposed by the Chinese government, the people of Hongkong enthusiastically observe the day. This year, the administration refused permission for Tiananmen function, forwarding the excuse of fears of Coronavirus.

US Secretary of States, targeting the Chinese government, since the last few weeks, did not let the opportunity pass, to lambast China. This becomes significant, against the background of the Chinese criticism, regarding the agitation in the United States and other issues.

The Chinese foreign department threatened the United States over the Hongkong issue. Zhao Lijian, the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, warned that if the United States took any action detrimental to Chinese interests, there would be a fitting Chinese retaliation, in the same language. The United States withdrew the special status awarded to Hongkong and imposed fresh sanctions, following the imposition of the National Security Act in Hongkong, by China.

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