Military deployment in US to control violent protests

Washington: – The demonstrations in the United States, against the killing of George Floyd, have turned violent, and the situation in many significant cities is festering. The military has been deployed in capital Washington and units of National Guards have been despatched to more than 20 states. Actors and analysts in the United States are alleging involvement of billionaire investor George Soros and his supporters in these violent demonstrations. These allegations endorse the statements made by President Trump, and apparently, the groups opposing his policies have become active.

Last week, on Monday 25th May, George Floyd, a black American, was killed during a police action. The United States has been ravaged with a wave of anger following the death, and extensive protests started against the police excesses. The protests which began under the pretext of death of Floyd turned violent, and some political groups and movements are, apparently, taking advantage of the situation. President Trump has also accused that the ‘Traders of Anarchy’ are behind the violence.

Now the actors and analysts in the United States also are claiming that the opponents of President Trump are orchestrating the agitation. Senior actor James Wood and analyst Niger Innis have said that billionaire investor George Soros is behind the anti-Trump demonstrations.

James Wood, in his social media post, has made an open allegation that this is an issue of George Soros against the United States and not a problem of blacks against Whites. Niger Innis, in his interview with a news channel, said that Soros is a serious threat to the United States and he is preparing to destroy the US society. He added that he should have been expelled from the United States many decades ago.

George Soros, a Jew, born in Hungary before the second world war, came into the limelight after the Bank of England fraud in 1992. It is believed that Soros was involved in overthrowing the communist regimes in the east European countries. ‘Open Society Foundation,’ a voluntary organisation formed by him has spread its wings to many countries, and this organisation is believed to be the orchestrators of political agitations in some of these countries. Hungary, the land of Soros’ birth, has enacted an ‘Anti-Soros bill’ to stop his activities.

Known to be a bitter rival of President Trump, Soros is an ardent supporter of the Democrat party. It has been exposed that he and his institutions have funded many groups linked to the party. It has also been revealed that many Democrat party leaders have met Soros and supported his activities. Therefore, the agitation in the United States, the violence in the unrest, criticism against President Trump and the allegations made by Trump and others only highlight the political divide in the United States. 

Against this background, the allegations against Soros and the violent turn to the agitations in the United States become significant. The unrest is being held in many crucial states and cities for the last eight days. Curfew has been imposed in many places as the intensity of the violence during the agitation is increasing.

But now, the protestors are defying the curfew and attacking police officers and vandalising properties. Many incidents of violence have been reported from New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston and Seattle along with capital Washington. New York Sergeants Benevolent Association President, Ed Mullins, has said that the situation in the city has got out of hand of the NYPD and has demanded military deployment.

More than 1,500 soldiers from the military have been deployed in the capital Washington to control the violent mobs. Military helicopters are also hovering over the capital to spot any untoward

incidents. US defence department has given this information and has indicated that the military is in the state of readiness to be deployed in any other parts if necessary. Other than the military deployment in the capital, soldiers from National Guards, known as the reserved force of the military, have been deployed in more than 20 states.

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