US-China relations to escalate as embassies shut down, rise in movements of US fighter jets near China

Washington/ Beijing: On Monday, the Chinese security agency captured the US embassy in Chengdu. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has supported this decision, which is a retaliation to the shutdown of the Chinese embassy in Houston. The US and China have initiated action against each other’s embassies. Moreover, this will broaden the area of conflict between both the nations, which is bound to intensify further. Against this background, information has surfaced that the US has increased movements of its army plane near the Chinese border region.

US-ChinaLast week, the US had ordered the shutdown of the Chinese embassy in Houston. At the time, the US had accused the embassy of being responsible for the ongoing Chinese espionage in its country. Moreover, China blamed the US action of being one-sided and inciting and hence, it decided on shutting down the US embassy in Chengdu. On Sunday, the US moved its possessions from the embassy following China’s decision. On Monday, the Chinese agencies took down the US flag and captured the embassy.

Furthermore, the Chinese press and social media have released information about this incident at large. Plus, protests are being held against the US outside the embassy. The US-China tensions, which have intensified due to the actions against embassies, can escalate in future. Besides, the Chinese nationalist group and a few other analysts have demanded to shut the US embassy in Hong Kong.

At the same time, the US press and analysts have warned that following Houston, the China embassy in San Francisco can also face action. This embassy had sheltered Chinese researcher, Juan Tang, who had been accused of espionage. Moreover, a possibility has been expressed that the US can deport a few Chinese officers as well.

Meanwhile, a Chinese think tank claimed that in the last two months, the US Army jets and patrol planes had increased their rounds near China. A think tank of Peking University informed that on Saturday, the American P-8A Anti-Submarine Plane flew 47 miles from Shanghai, the trade centre of China. Moreover, this is the first-ever incident of a US plane flies this close from a Chinese city.

Following this, EP-3E US Army aircraft flew less than 100 kilometres from the Guangdong province, said the Chinese think tank. The think tank also noted that the US Army and patrol aircraft flew for 12 consecutive days near the China border. Furthermore, as per recent information, in the first three weeks of July, the US Army and patrol aircraft flew near the South China Sea border at least 50 times.

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