15 killed in attack on Iran-backed militia base in Syria

Damascus: Fifteen people were killed in the airstrikes in eastern Syria. Syrian human rights organisations claimed that these attacks were to target the Iranian base at Deir ez-Zur. The Israeli military has also launched attacks on capital Damascus. These attacks are being viewed against the background of the tension created on the Israel-Syria border.

SyriaThere were airstrikes on the Iman Ali military base at the Al Bukamal city in the Deir ez-Zur province in eastern Syria, on Monday, early in the morning. The human rights organisations informed that the attacks, which started at 5 a.m., continued till 9 a.m. Soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iran-affiliated terrorist organisations were stationed at the base. As per preliminary information received, 15 terrorists were killed in the airstrikes. But it has been claimed, quoting the sources from the human rights organisations, that there have been massive casualties in the attack.

It has been reported that the Iranian deployment in the Al-Bukamal city has been increased, following the attack. At the same time, moves to bring the Iran-affiliated terrorists from Iraq to the base have begun. The Syrian military has avoided giving a reaction regarding the airstrikes. But the Syrian media is accusing the United States of being responsible for the attacks. The United States has attacked this base even in the past.

Within a few hours of this attack, the Israeli military launched airstrikes on the Syrian capital of Damascus. The Israeli army claimed that the Syrian base suffered massive damages in the attack. The Israeli army posted on the social media that anti-aircraft guns and a control centre were destroyed in the airstrike. The Israel military declared that this action was taken in retaliation of the infiltration in the Golan hills region. Two days ago, the Israeli army killed four terrorists trying to infiltrate through the Golan hills region.

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