Israel kills Syrian terrorists planting a bomb at border along Golan Heights

Jerusalem: The Israel army has declared to have slain four Syrian terrorists who planted a bomb near the Israeli Golan border. At the same time, the military also warned that the Syrian Assad Regime would be responsible for any attack on Israel from Syria. Meanwhile, two days ago, Hezbollah militants had tried to invade into Israel via Lebanon border and cause destruction. Hence, Israel has high alerted its army on all borders ever since.

syria-golan-israelAccording to the information provided by the Israeli army, four militants had prepared to plant a bomb at the Golan Heights border and cause destruction. All four of these militants had crossed the Golan border. The Israeli Maglan special force unit monitored and then acted against these militants. These terrorists got killed in action by the Israeli army and fighter jets. Moreover, the Israeli military released a video of the militant intrusion, bomb planting, followed by action against them. Furthermore, the Israeli army has become more cautious after this incident.

However, it is not yet revealed regarding which terrorist organisation these militants were from. But the Israeli army has warned the Assad regime after this action. The military warned that the Assad regime would be responsible if the security of Israel is challenged via the Syrian border. But it is highly suspected that Hezbollah is responsible behind this failed destructive attack that took place on Sunday night. Moreover, last week itself, Hezbollah had threatened to attack Israel.

Last month, a significant Hezbollah commander was killed in an airstrike in Syria. The Syrian press had accused Israel of this airstrike. Following this, Hezbollah had threatened to attack Israel to avenge the commander’s death. Last week, the Hezbollah militants attacked the Israel border. Hence, the suspicion that Hezbollah is responsible for this recent attack is high as well.

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