Syria will declare a war against Israel, if Israel does not give up control of the Golan Hills, warns Syrian deputy foreign Minister

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Damascus/Jerusalem: Syria, boosted with the strong backing received from Russia, has threatened Israel with war. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said ‘If Israel does not give up control over the Golan Hills, Syria will not hesitate to declare war against Israel. Even if the United States is standing behind Israel, Syria will not back out from the war.’ This is the second warning issued by Syria to Israel over the Golan hills, in the last few weeks.

Syrian-deputy-foreign-MinisterSyria and its supporters, Iran and Hezbollah, have consistently warned that Golan Hills is a part of Syria and will be reclaimed under any circumstances. Against this background, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Mekdad has threatened Israel, over the Golan Hills, through his letter sent to the chief of Truce Supervision Organization, Kristin Lund. A leading Israeli daily has said that this warning has come after the Israeli action in the border regions of Syria.

The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister has warned in his letter, that if Israel carried out attacks in the Syrian border region, there would be a strong retaliation. At the same time, Deputy Foreign Minister Mekdad clarified that Syria was prepared to start a war with Israel, over the Golan Hills. Syria will not hesitate to start a war with Israel. Even if the United States initiates moves to recognise the Israeli right over the Golan Hills, Syria will not withdraw from the fight.

Israel had won the Golan Hills region in the six-day war, in 1967 and established its claim over the region. Israel has initiated efforts to get recognition for its right over the Golan Hills, from the United States. The efforts seem to be bearing fruits, and US President Donald Trump may soon present a bill in the US Senate for approval of the claim. Currently, senior US Senator Lindsey Graham is on a visit to Israel. The Senator along with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and US Ambassador to Israel Friedman visited the Golan Hills area. At this time, Graham declared that a decision regarding Golan Hills would be taken soon.

Against this background, the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister appears to have issued the threat for war against Israel. Syria has claimed that the Israeli occupation of the Golan Hills is illegal and it is a sovereign part of Syria. Iran also has initiated moves to support Syria on this front, to pressurise Israel. It is claimed that Iranian military and Iran affiliated groups have collected their forces near the Israeli Golan Hills border. Given this, the tension in the Golan Hills region has increased, since the last few days and Israel had carried out attacks in this region.

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