Israel to increase attacks Iranian locations in Syria, Israel Defence Minister Naftali Bennet

Third World WarJerusalem: Israel Defence Minister Naftali Bennet announced ‘Israel has changed its position regarding Iran. Israel will be increasing the attacks in Syria, to expel the Iranian military and its affiliated groups from Syria.’ Bennet said that the United States and Russia have been informed regarding this new Israeli position.

Last week, Israel Defence Minister Naftali Bennet, visited the Golan Hills along with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During this visit itself, the Israel Defence Minister had indicated that the Iranian military bases in Syria will not be tolerated. After this, the Israeli media informed, quoting sources, that the Iranian locations in Syria will be targeted, given Israeli security. The media also claimed that Israel Defence Minister had prepared a plan for Syria.

Israel to increase attacks Iranian locations in Syria, Israel Defence Minister Naftali BennetCurrently, Iran is tied down because of the ongoing protests in Lebanon and Iraq. These sources claimed that Bennet suggested that if Israel attacked the Iranian locations in Syria, taking this opportunity, Iran would have to withdraw from Syria. Bennet presented his plan in front of the Israeli military officials. But no official information had come from the Israeli government regarding this.

Two days ago, Defence Minister Bennet, while talking to the media, informed that every Iranian location in Syria will be targeted. Bennet said that the locations of Revolutionary Guards, Quds Force and the Iran affiliated armed groups that have come into Syria from Iraq and Afghanistan will be targeted. Till date, the Israeli military was attacking the locations from where the rocket attacks were originating. But Bennet warned that from now on, the Israeli military will be attacking all the Iran linked locations in Syria.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu had warned that Russia should stop Iran, Hezbollah and other Iran affiliated groups advancing towards the Golan Hills, or else, no one will be able to stop the Israeli action. The Iranian military movements are continuing even after the Israeli warning. Even after this, Israel had only retaliated against the rocket attacks. But Israel has indicated that the Iranian military movements will not be tolerated, henceforth. At the same time, Israel has also pointed out that the action against Iran is inevitable, saying that it has already informed the United States and Russia regarding the action.

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