China expects India to not let their differences turn into a dispute

Beijing: – Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar had said that the border situation and the bilateral relations could not be viewed separately. Foreign Minister Jaishankar seems to have delivered a correct message to China. Because this has elicited a reaction from China and China has expressed an expectation that India will not let the difference of opinion escalate into a dispute. China also expressed hope that India will work with China to safeguard mutual interests.


Only two days ago, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar had delivered a stern message to China, making it aware of the consequences of the border tension. Foreign Minister Jaishankar had said that it is but natural that the border tension will affect trade and India will have to stand up to confront China. As per analysts, Foreign Minister Jaishankar has delivered a message that India will not back down on the border issue and will not hesitate to take the toughest decisions.

Wang Wenbing, the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, reacted in the matter. ‘There needs to be cooperation between the two biggest developing countries of the world and their economies. This will also provide positive energy for stability, peace and prosperity of the world. Wenbin expressed an expectation that therefore, both the countries should leave the border dispute at its proper level and ensure that the difference of opinion does not escalate into a dispute.

Wenbin tried to advise that breaking bilateral relations is not in the Indian interest, saying ‘The products exported from China to India are complementary to the Indian demand. They fulfil the requirements of the Indian people. This cooperation is in mutual interest. Therefore, breaking this cooperation is not in the Indian interest.’

The Chinese reaction goes to show that China has started feeling the heat of the economic jolts delivered by India. The support received by India and the cognisance taken of the economic jolts delivered by India, on the international level, are upsetting China. India has also demonstrated willpower and capability to confront China. Lisa Curtis, Deputy Assistant to US President Donald Trump, and Senior Director for South and Central Asia on the National Security Council, recently said that the countries in the Indo-Pacific region would take inspiration from India. The Chinese reaction, against this background, only goes to underline the level of Chinese distress, due to the Indian aggressive attitude.

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