World war against Muslims started, claims the IS from Syria

Third World War

Damascus: ‘A war against Muslims has kicked off at the international level,’ Abu Hassan Al-Muhajir,  the spokesman of the IS in Syria, said. Citing the Christchurch attack, Al-Muhajir, threatened that the IS would avenge the attack. He also appealed to the Muslims in the world, to join the IS and participate in this war. Also, refuting the US claims of the IS being defeated in Syria, he made a counterclaim that it was emerging victorious in Syria.

World-war-MuslimsThe repercussions of the attack on a Masjid in Christchurch, are being felt at the international level. All the countries have denounced the attack in strong words. But Al-Muhajir claimed that the denouncement of the attack by the westerners is nothing but crocodile tears. Al-Muhajir known to be the spokesman of the IS claimed that the westerners never regretted over the Christchurch attack and dubbed the attack as a part of the world war against Muslims.

Al-Muhajir appealed to the Muslims that those who were fooled till date, should understand the reality now, and come forward to support the Khilafat movement. The IS spokesman also claimed that the massacre in Christchurch is comparable to the genocide in Syria. People are being burnt in Syria, and they are being killed using the weapons of mass destruction. The IS spokesman made inciting statements like, our rights are being taken away at the international level.

However, despite this IS is prevalent in Syria. There is no truth in the claims made by the US military officials that they are winning the war. Al-Muhajir said that the IS was winning the war and claimed that the United States was their biggest enemy. General Joseph Votel, Chief of the US Central Command recently claimed that the IS creating chaos in Syria, has been defeated and their dream of establishing a Khilafat has been destroyed. This was the reason for the discussions regarding the withdrawal of US soldiers from Syria wherein President Trump indicated the withdrawal.

But still, the IS is not finished in Syria and analysts have warned that it could rise anytime. The Al-Muhajir warning seems to be proving the analysts’ prediction true.

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