If Pakistan doesn’t act against terrorists, Iran will carry out ‘Surgical Strikes’ to avenge IRGC bus bombing, warns IRGC chief

Third World WarWashington: Chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Mohammed Ali Jafari, issued a stern warning to Pakistan saying, ‘If Pakistan is not willing to act against the terrorists from the country which intruded into Iran and abducted Iranian soldiers, we will invade and avenge the attacks. Pakistan will have to pay a dear price for the connivance between Pakistani ISI and the terrorists,’ warned IRGC Mohammad Ali Jafari. Jafari made Pakistan aware of the consequences for non-action, saying that the action Iran would take is legitimate under the international laws.

Pakistan, Surgical strikes, IRGC, IranMeanwhile, panic-stricken Pakistan announced the initiation of action in the border areas for the release of the abducted soldiers.

On 13th February last month, Jaish Al-Adl, a Pakistan based terrorist organisation carried out a suicide attack on the bus carrying personnel of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps in the Sistan-Balochistan province. A total of 27 soldiers of the Revolutionary Guards were killed in the attack by the Pakistani terrorists. Furthermore, the Iranian government and senior officials from the Iranian military warned Pakistan to take action against the terrorist groups. Also, Iran had announced that if Pakistan were not willing to act against the terrorists, Iran would carry out surgical strikes in Pakistan.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had assured of action against the terrorist organisations in the border areas, following the Iranian threat. He even announced that Iran would soon receive the good news regarding the operation. However, Imran Khan is a strong supporter of terrorists as also known as Taliban Khan and his government failed to take any action in ten days since the promise. Considering the developments, the Revolutionary Guards chief Jafari lambasted Pakistan.

Pakistan, Surgical strikes, IRGC, Iran‘Pakistan should act against the terrorist organisations in the country, or else Iran will come to avenge the attacks. If Pakistan fails to act, Iran will have to enter Pakistan to avenge the attacks, within the framework of the international laws,’ Jafari threatened. At the same time, he rebuked the Pakistani Intelligence agency, ISI. ‘Pakistan is paying the price for the ISI assistance to the terrorist organisations like Jaish Al-Adl, and the price would be hefty here on,’ Jafari pointed out.

Jafari asserted that the visit of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudi cooperation established with Pakistan was unacceptable to Iran. He also underscored that Pakistan was becoming inclined towards Saudi, ever since Imran Khan took over as the Prime Minister. Moreover, the cooperation with Saudi and United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not in Pakistan’s interest, Jafari cautioned. Prime Minister Imran visited Saudi and the United Arab Emirates to request financial aid for Pakistan and both the countries had assured Pakistan to that effect.

The Pakistani military has claimed to have started action against the terrorist organisations in the border areas following the Iranian threat. Albeit, Iran is demanding a substantive action saying that it does not trust the Pakistani assurances.

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