War between Iran and Israel inevitable: Brookings Institution scholar Chris Meserole

Third World WarWashington : The European countries have initiated  frantic efforts to save the Iran nuclear deal after the withdrawal of the United States. The European countries claim that through this historical nuclear deal Iran can be stopped from making nuclear weapons and in that case the Iran-Israel conflict can be avoided. But Chris Meserole, a scholar from ‘Brookings Institution’ which is a renowned research organization in the US, has warned that, “the conflict between Iran and Israel is inevitable and no nuclear deal can avoid it”.

Brookings InstitutionMeserole, a scholar from ‘Brookings Institution’ expressed his candid opinions referring to the nuclear deal signed with Iran at the initiative by the then US President Barack Obama in the year 2015. The analysts and leaders from Europe are of the opinion that Iran will once again accelerate its nuclear program after the US withdrawal. Iranian supreme leader Khamenei had made the announcement of increasing the amount of enriched Uranium only a few hours ago.

But Meserole claimed, ‘Even if the United States would not have withdrawn from the nuclear deal and had allowed the deal to continue, the war between Iran and Israel was inevitable.’ Whatever efforts are made to avoid the Israel and Iran war, the provocative activities by Iran will not allow the efforts to succeed, criticised the scholars from Brookings Institution.

Brookings Institution‘Now, Iran has announced to have accelerated its nuclear program. This makes it more difficult to avoid the conflict.’ This was the concern expressed by Meserole in an interview with a Weekly. Meserole criticised the decision by the Iranian leaders to withdraw from the nuclear deal with the European countries and Russia-China and to continue with the nuclear program.

Israel has always objected to the Iran nuclear program. Israel had accused that the Iranian nuclear program was continuing unhindered, in spite of the nuclear deal. At the same time, Israel had said that there is a threat from Iran to its security and hence it will never allow Iran to acquire nuclear capabilities. Israel had warned of attacks on Iran for this purpose, reminded Meserole.

Although the European countries claim that the nuclear deal signed three years ago will prevent Iran from being nuclear capable, which will help avoid the possible conflict between Iran and Israel, Meserole pointed out that this does not seem possible. However, the European countries and analysts continue to support the nuclear deal and to criticise the United States for withdrawing from it.

About Chris Meserole and ‘Brookings Institution’

Chris Meserole being a fellow at the ‘Centre for Middle East Policy’ of ‘Brookings Institution’,religious and sectarian conflicts and their effects is his primary subject of study.

Violence by extremists and terrorist activities is also a subject of his research and his articles about the subject are being featured time to time in the leading United States periodicals.

Chris Meserole is also known for his insightful research on terrorism and political violence.

The ‘Brookings Institutions’ where Chris Meserole works, is a leading think- tank in the United States, founded by ‘Robert S. Brookings’ in 1916.

This study group is known for its objectively conducted research. The study group is a non-profit organization and has till date, conducted detailed research on important subjects pertaining to political, social, financial and military sectors.

The Brookings Institution has earned its credibility because of its unbiased, neutral and balanced approach in research.


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