US attack in Syria claimed 41 lives; accuses Human Rights Organisation in Syria

Third World WarBeirut: 41 people including 14 children have reportedly been killed in the air attacks carried out by the United States and its allies in eastern Syria. A Human Rights Organisation in Syria made this claim. The Syrian military also had objected to the United States’ action against the IS terrorists. Meanwhile, the United States and its allies have avoided reacting to the allegations of the Human Rights Organisation.

The conflict in the Deir ez-Zor region in eastern Syria has intensified. The Syrian military has initiated strong attacks in the region to the east of the Euphrates river. The United States had alleged that these attacks were to target the United States locations rather than against terrorists and had claimed that the fighter jets of the United States and allies were attacking only the IS location in the region. The United States had declared that it was the IS terrorists that were being killed in these attacks.

US, syria, human rights organisationsIt is claimed that the IS terrorists are hiding in the Hajin and Al-Shafa areas of the Deir Al-Zor region. The United States says that its activity is against these terrorists in hiding. But the Human Rights organisations in Syria have claimed that the families of the IS are falling prey to these air attacks.

26 people from the families of the IS terrorists were killed in the attack on Friday by fighter jets of the United States and its allies in the Hajin area. The Syrian Human Rights Organisation claimed that the victims include 14 children and nine women. The organisation also claimed that the dead included families of the terrorists who had fled from Iraq. No reaction has been received from the United States and its allies about the allegations made by the Human Rights Organisation.

Meanwhile, the Assad government in Syria also had made similar allegations against the United States. The Assad regime had appealed to the international community to investigate the matter saying that the United States was attacking the Syrian population. Iran had strongly supported the Syrian government’s demand. But the United States had accused that this was a conspiracy by the Assad government and Iran to drive the US military out of Syria.

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