The US will lose its Naval might due to Russian and Chinese missiles; warns US Study group

Third World War

Washington: A study group linked to the US government has warned ‘Although the United States is known to have the largest and the strongest navy, there is a major threat to the US Navy from Russia and China. The US navy will lose its might because of the anti-warship missiles of these two adversaries.’  The study group suggested increasing the capabilities of the fighter jets deployed on the US aircraft carriers.


The US Navy has a fleet of 10 aircraft carriers, hundreds of destroyers and submarines. The US aircraft carriers are referred to as floating military bases. It is claimed that these aircraft carriers have the capability of turning any war in favour of the United States. The US naval fleets are deployed near the Hawaii Islands, East China Sea, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea and along the eastern and western coast of the United States. These warships carry out important tasks to guard the US interests in the region.

But questions have been raised about the security of the US aircraft carriers in a report prepared by the Centre for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment (CSBA) of the United States. The US warships have not faced any major challenge since the cold war ended. Therefore, the capabilities of the US aircraft carriers also have not increased. The systems deployed on these warships can target medium-range missiles. The CSBA has reminded in its report that these warships have never faced the long range and the anti-warship missiles made by Russia and China.

Therefore, if the United States does not increase the capabilities of the navy, the long-standing strong image of the US Navy will be destroyed. Russia and China have demonstrated their anti-warship missiles. The Chinese media had claimed that the Chinese missiles could sink the US aircraft carriers in the East China Sea.

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