US creating independent government near the Euphrates in Syria; alleges Russian Foreign Minister

Third World WarMoscow: The United States, who does not approve of the Assad government in Syria, is creating an independent government in the region near the Euphrates River in Syria. Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov alleged that the United States is creating a separate government with help from the Kurdish and other supporters to challenge the Assad government. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Minister also warned that the Syrian conflict cannot end till the United States is present in Syria.


Russia is claiming that the United States has gained control over the eastern part of Syria across the Euphrates river. Even in the past, Russia had alleged that the United States was having military bases at some locations in this region. Russia had claimed that these US bases and its support for the Kurdish rebels were proving to be a hindrance in the political process in Syria. Only two days ago, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov made a serious allegation against the United States, while talking to the French media.

Us, Eupharates, syria, russiaLavrov blamed the United States for playing a dangerous game in Syria. Lavrov criticised that the United States was promoting the idea of a separate Kurdistan by establishing a separate government for the Kurds in the region to the east of the Euphrates River in Syria. ‘There is a large expanse of land to the east of Euphrates River and there are unacceptable developments taking place in that region. The United States is poised to create a separate government for the Kurds. This is a dangerous development for the elected government in Syria,’ said Lavrov.

The Russian Foreign Minister claimed that the equations in the region will be disturbed if there is a separate Kurdish government in Syria as one Kurdistan has already been established in Iraq. The United States is fishing in murky water and it will not succeed in its effort, retorted Lavrov. The Russian Foreign Minister complained that the United States was not looking forward to installing a legal government in Syria. Lavrov also blamed that the US military deployment in Syria was illegal. The Russian Foreign Minister ascribed the continuation of the war to the US military deployment and its support to the Kurdish rebels.

Meanwhile, US President Trump had announced a decision to withdraw the military from Syria, but in view of the increasing Iranian military movements in Syria, he disposed of the decision. Moreover, after the Russian deployment of the S-300 in Syria, President Trump has said that the US military deployment in Syria was necessary.

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