The Saudi Arabian King will not last even for two weeks without US backing; warns President Trump

Third World WarWashington: ‘The United States is protecting Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a rich country and I have respect for King Salman. But the Saudi King should realise that the United States is protecting them. Without the United States, the Saudi King cannot remain in power for more than two weeks. You will have to pay for this security,’ warned President Trump to the Saudi Arabian King once again.

Only last month, Trump had questioned the United States’ financial aid to the Saudi Arabian defence forces, referring to Saudi Arabia as an extremely rich country. Before this, during his address at the United Nations, Trump had accused the OPEC countries of making money by fleecing the world. The increasing oil rates over the last few months and the refusal of the OPEC countries to increase oil production are the reasons behind these statements by Trump.

saudi arabian, king salman, donald trump, us, crude oilThe rates for crude oil are currently on the rise in the international markets and this could be a problem for President Trump. The US elections are slated to be held in November and the indications are that there is displeasure among the people in the United States over the increasing fuel price. To avoid the effects of this displeasure, President Trump is exerting pressures on OPEC, the group of oil-producing countries. In the month of July, Trump had threatened to withdraw the security provided by the United States to Saudi Arabia.

A few days ago, President Trump had informed during a meeting about his telephonic discussions with King Salman of Saudi Arabia. But Trump avoided giving any information to indicate whether the issues of Defence or Oil had featured in their discussions.

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