The US supplied Smart Bomb Technology to Saudi Arabia, claims US newspaper

Third World WarWashington: It is reported that US President Donald Trump has provided Smart Bomb technology to Saudi Arabia. ‘The New York Times’, a leading newspaper in the United States claimed that President Trump made this supply with complete disregard for the objections raised by the US Congress. The paper criticised that Saudi Arabia will resort to blatant violation of human rights with the help of this technology.

As per the information published by the US newspaper, President Trump had decided to supply weapon systems to Saudi Arabia, engaged in a conflict against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, without paying any heed to the criticism of the Congress and the opposition. Under this, President Trump handed the Smart Bomb technology to Saudi Arabia. Two reporters from the US newspaper claimed that this technology was supplied to Saudi Arabia, by the US company Raytheon. No information was available regarding the number of Smart Bombs provided.

smart bomb, us, saudiEven in the past, the United States had sold Smart Bombs to Saudi. Nobody had raised any objections on the military cooperation with Saudi, at that time. But the United States had never supplied any weapons technology to Saudi. The New York Times expressed a concern that with this supply of technology, a factory to manufacture these bombs will be started in Saudi, shortly flaring up further, the conflict with the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

A few weeks ago, President Trump used his Veto power against the decision of the Congress, not to supply arms to Saudi Arabia. Trump had justified the Veto at this time, saying that an emergency has been created. The US Congress had severely criticised this decision of President Trump. The US media also criticised that with this supply of weapons, the United States is supporting the Saudi military action in Yemen. Iran, supporting the Houthi rebels, in Yemen, also lashed out at President Trump’s decision.

A fierce conflict between Saudi Arabia and Houthi rebels, who have acquired power in Yemen with Iranian support, is ongoing. These rebels are carrying out direct drone attacks on Saudi, and the Houthi rebels have started attacking the airports in Saudi. In this scenario, Saudi too has intensified its action in Yemen and the western countries, including the United States, have alleged human rights violation in this action. But President Trump, referring to the military cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the United States, has continued with the arms-related cooperation with Saudi. However, there are indications that this cooperation will not remain limited to the Houthi conflict and can be used against Iran in any future conflict.

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