Additional US deployment for the security of Saudi

Third World WarWashington: The United States announced additional deployment, in view of increasing the security for Saudi. US Secretary of Defence, Mark Esper, announced that two more squadrons of fighter jets and nearly 3,000 additional soldiers would be deployed in Saudi under this. The US Secretary of Defence claimed that this additional deployment is being made to deliver a message to Iran, not to attack any country in the region. Secretary of Defence Esper clarified that the number of US soldiers has been increased since May, given the huge increase in the Iranian threat, to the countries in the Middle East.

Additional US deployment for the security of SaudiUS President Donald Trump is withdrawing the military from the Middle East, saying that the United States is incurring immense losses in the Middle Eastern conflict. Trump had claimed that the wars in the Middle East are never-ending, and therefore, the United States has decided not to bear any further losses, keeping the military deployed there. But the deployment of US soldiers seems to be increasing in Saudi. The US newspapers have highlighted this contradiction. Following the announcement made by Secretary of State, Esper, of fresh deployment in Saudi, the disparity in the claims made by President Trump and the US policies are more prominently visible.

Secretary of Defence Marks Esper announced that three thousand US soldiers with two squadrons of fighter jets and batteries for Patriot air defence systems would be additionally deployed in Saudi Arabia. Esper clarified that this deployment was necessary in view of the rising Iranian threat to Saudi. The US Secretary of Defence claimed that not only the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany also are convinced of the Iranian threat to Saudi.

Secretary of Defence, Esper, claimed that along with securing Saudi, this additional deployment would deliver the message to Iran, not to attack any sovereign country in the Middle East. But Iran has reacted to this. Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif warned ‘Saudi cannot be secured with US soldiers and weapons. If Saudi wants to be safe, it has to stop the Yemen war and establish cooperation with the neighbouring countries.’ Iran has warned even in the past that the US weapon systems cannot protect Saudi Arabia. Iran had threatened about the dire consequences of an attack on Iran, saying that either all the countries in the Middle East will be safe or all the countries will be unsafe.

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