Investigate the ‘Pakistan Connection’ with the crimes of sexual atrocities in the UK; persistent demand by the local elected representatives

Third World WarLondon: The local elected representatives have made a persistent demand for an investigation into the ‘Pakistan Connection’ with the sexual atrocities against children and young women. It was revealed in a recently published report that 39% of the criminals perpetrating these crimes were British citizens of Pakistani origin. Referring to this report, local representatives including David Ward have demanded to investigate, as to why only the people of Pakistan origin commit these kinds of crimes.

Last year, a local court, in Rotherham region of the United Kingdom, convicted seven people for the gang rape and sexual exploitation. All these convicts were found to be of Pakistani origin. British elected representative Lara Champion had created a stir alleging that there are gangs of people of Pakistani origin behind these sexual crimes.

In a report published by an institution named Kilium, it had been recorded that 84% of the people in the Grooming gangs, involved in sexual crimes against girls and women, were of South Asian origin. The institution had warned that majority of these people were Muslims of Pakistani origin.

pakistan, crimes, atrocities, ukFollowing that, British Home Minister Sajid Javid had also accepted that there is a majority of people from Pakistani origin involved in the crimes against children and women, during an interview. Home Minister Javid is of Pakistani origin, and his acceptance came as a shock to social and political circles in the United Kingdom.

Against this background, the demand arising from the elected representatives from the Bradford city becomes significant. A meeting of the elected representatives was convened in Bradford, in the last week. During the meeting Councillor, David Ward raised the issue of sexual atrocities against the children and women and posed questions in front of the local police agencies. He expressed a doubt of a conspiracy, asking whether there was any reason for this high involvement of the people of Pakistani origin.

The police agencies expressed inability to answer Ward’s question saying that no investigation from that angle had been done. Some of the representatives including Ward expressed surprise over the answer and expressed strong displeasure over the local agencies. At the same time, they made a persistent demand to investigate the reasons behind the high involvement of the people of Pakistani origin.

In 2015, The National Crime Agency had undertaken an independent campaign ‘Operation Stovewood’ to investigate the crimes of gang rapes and sexual exploitation. Hundreds of incidents of sexual assaults against the white girls and women were exposed during the campaign, and the investigations are on in these matters. A few political leaders and analysts are claiming that there could be a conspiracy behind the sexual crimes against the white girls, women and children in the United Kingdom.

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