Mecca hit by swarm of Locusts, Saudi authorities tackle problem

Riyadh: Mecca, the holiest place of worship for Muslims, was hit by locust and cockroach swarms. The Saudi authorities were on the alert, took timely preventive actions and within a short time announced bringing the problem under control. The Saudi agencies claimed that no diseases would spread due to the Locusts and cockroaches and that there was no reason to panic. However, some of the newspapers and websites reporting the matter, have pointed out that it could have occurred because of God’s wrath referring to the holy religious writings.


Mecca, the holy place of worship, was swarmed by the Black Grasshopper variety of the Locust. As soon as the swarm was detected, the Saudi agencies immediately began action against it. A total of 22 units of the Saudi agencies were working to stop the hordes of Locust. Workers were sent to spray the insecticide in the area to eliminate the Locust and undertook cleaning of the holy place. During the operation, a massive number of cockroaches were found as well. The Saudi officials informed that nearly 30,000 Locusts had descended on Mecca. Moreover, Hazal bin Mohammed al-Zafar, head of Saudi’s Plant Protection Department reassured the people after the incident saying, The Locusts swarm do not transmit diseases. Also, Zafar said that the swarm had likely descended over Mecca due to the rainfall that occurred a few days ago.

The information and clarifications regarding the incident were published in newspapers and on websites. The news agencies pointed out that the episode was an instance of the wrath of God, according to the holy writings of Islam, Christianity and the Jews. These sources have also cited references to the sacred writings of these religions from their holy books. Therefore, there is deepening mystery regarding the incident. The Saudi agencies have assured people that no viral threat was posed due to the Locusts and cockroaches. Nevertheless, the instance has assumed biblical proportions as the newspapers have pointed out that such cases were said to be a form of punishment by God.

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