British Prime Minister Theresa May offers to resign if her Brexit deal is accepted

Third World WarLondon: The British Parliament has rejected all the eight options put in front of the United Kingdom, for its exit from the European Union. The Brexit issue has, therefore, festered leading to political repercussions. Prime Minister Theresa May created a sensation by proposing to resign if the parliament accepted her Brexit deal.

The commotion regarding, when and how the United Kingdom would exit from the European Union is increasing by the day. The British parliament has rejected all the eight alternatives and amendments presented by Prime Minister May and her associates. A few days ago, the parliament passed a resolution vesting the decision rights regarding future Brexit processes in the hands of the parliament instead of the cabinet of ministers. Therefore, the parliament is now believed would pass some new proposal and clear the path for future action.

However, despite the parliament taking control into its hands, they have not arrived at a solution. On Wednesday, eight different proposals were presented in the parliament regarding Brexit. They included the alternatives for ‘No Deal’, ‘Single Market’, ‘Customs Union’, Second Referendum’ and the like. Nevertheless, as none of the proposals could acquire the requisite majority, they could not be passed. The UK parliament, not being able to come to a consensus, has made the path more treacherous for Brexit.

Given the developments, Prime Minister Theresa May has indicated presenting the same agreement with the EU once again in the parliament in the next few days saying that it was the only responsible option. She also declared to resign to get her Brexit deal through in the parliament. Although May’s offer to leave might have pleased a selected few opposing her from within the ruling party, but it failed to garner the requisite support from the parliament. Thus, the announcement of resignation has only added to the confusion.

Meanwhile, President of the European Commission, Donald Tusk warned that the opinion of the people who do not want Brexit also needed to be considered. Last week, a massive rally was organised in London to demand for a second referendum, regarding Brexit. Nearly 1 million citizens had participated in the demonstration. Also, more than 5 million citizens responded to the online campaign conducted over the Brexit issue. Hence, the EU now sees a likelihood of the United Kingdom’s return to the EU, and therefore it elicited a quick reaction from the bloc. Moreover, the President of the EU Commission, Tusk said that the British government should respect the aspirations of the people while deciding on Brexit.

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