Israel all set for war with Iran; Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warns the European nations

Third World WarTel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning that the current situation is similar to the one in 1930 when the European leaders chose to ignore the activities of Hitler. These countries will not wake up unless the Iranian nuclear bomb is dropped in Europe. In such a scenario, their waking up will have no meaning. Therefore, with or without anyone, the Israeli military is ready to go at war with Iran.

Iran has taken the level of enriched Uranium in its nuclear plants, to above 3.67%, violating the nuclear deal signed with the western countries, in 2015. Iran has claimed that soon it will cross the level of 20% enriched Uranium. This Iranian announcement points to making an atomic bomb. Israel is trying to draw the attention of the European countries, helping Iran, towards this. But the countries, France and Germany, have declared that they are firm, on the Iran nuclear deal.

Israel, netanyahu, european countriesIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed anger over the stand taken by the European countries. Israeli Prime Minister retorted ‘The reaction of the European Union regarding Iran, violating the nuclear deal, goes close to the reaction of the European countries, to Hitler’s Nazi Germany in 1930. Even then, the European leaders had stuck their heads in the sand, to ignore the threat from Hitler. But even after so many years, the attitude of the European countries has not changed.’

The Israeli Prime Minister lambasted the European countries in vitriolic words that the European countries will not wake up unless an Iranian nuclear bomb is dropped in Europe. Netanyahu also clarified ‘Even if the European countries continue to ignore the Iranian threat, Israel will not keep quiet. Israeli will continue with its efforts.’

Prime Minister Netanyahu also warned ‘Since the last few weeks, Iran has been consistently announcing annihilation of Israel. Despite this, no military excepting the Israeli military is preparing to declare war against Iran. It is only the Israeli military which is prepared to fight a war against Iran.’

Netanyahu claimed that the western countries were signing a nuclear deal with Iran in 2015. Israel was the only country, that opposed the nuclear deal. This deal cleared the path,for Iran, towards making a nuclear bomb. The European countries have made investments worth billions of dollars in Iran. But Israel also has immensely benefited from this agreement. Israel and the Arab countries, who share the threat of the Iranian nuclear bomb, came together.’

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