Islamic countries should unite against the westerners, Turkish President Recep Erdogan

Third World WarIstanbul: Turkish President Recep Erdogan delivered a message ‘Imperialistic westerners are trying to rule the Islamic world with a divide and rule policy. But if the Islamic people who account of one-fourth of the world’s population unite and use their cultural and political influence, the Islamic culture will get its proper respect.’ President Erdogan claimed that it is only Turkey who is raising its voice against the atrocities carried out by Israel and the western countries against the Islamic people.

A meeting of the global Islamic organisation ‘Organisation of Islamic cooperation’ (OIC) was held in Turkey. Speaking on this occasion, the Turkish President launched a strong attack on Israel and the western countries. Erdogan alleged that the western countries are working to end the Islamic culture from the Muslim countries. Erdogan appealed ‘The western countries plan to rule us by dividing us. For this, the western countries are entering your own house and destroying the internal systems. The young and the old should unite against this threat of the western countries.’

Islamic countries should unite against the westerners, Turkish President Recep ErdoganAt the same time, Erdogan delivered a message that the Islamic people should unite and use their political influence against the western countries. Erdogan stressed that unity was necessary to get the requisite respect for the Islamic culture. Along with this, the Turkish President fired a salvo at Israel. Erdogan announced that ‘Israel is spoiling the situation in Jerusalem and Palestine by the day. The Muslims in Israel are deprived of justice and rights. Despite this, no country in the world is willing to come forward for the rights of the Palestinians. But Turkey will always stand for the rights of the Palestinians.’

Meanwhile, Turkey has initiated military action in Syria since the last few months. The Israeli media is claiming that President Erdogan is planning to expand Turkey by gaining control over a specific territory in northern Syria. As per the Israeli press, Turkey is preparing to lead the Muslims of the world with support from Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

For this very reason, Turkey supported Pakistan over the Kashmir issue without paying heed to the Indian sentiment. Just like Turkey, Iran too is trying to increase its influence in the Gulf through its affiliated groups in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

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