No country should move its embassy to Jerusalem, warns Turkey

Third World WarAnkara/Jerusalem/Asuncion: Following Romania, Czech Republic, Honduras and Paraguay, Guatemala has announced the shifting of its embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Turkey has reacted strongly to it. ‘No country should move its embassy to Jerusalem. This will darken your history and the future generations will be embarrassed,’ warned Turkey.

Israel is completing 70 years of independence on 15th May. The United States has made preparations to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on this occasion. It has been revealed that President Trump will be attending this function. In view of this Romania, Czech Republic, Honduras and Paraguay followed by Guatemala declared that it too will be moving its embassies to Jerusalem. This act means that these countries have accepted the Israeli right over Jerusalem. – This has drawn strong reaction from Turkey.

jerusalem, turkey, tel aviv, erdoganTurkish Deputy Parliament Speaker ‘Ahmet Aydin’ heavily criticised the decision to shift the embassy to Jerusalem, while addressing the Palestinian protest meeting organised at Ramalla in the West bank. “Don’t recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by shifting embassies there from the Tel Aviv, the Israeli financial capital,” Aydin lashed out.

Aydin also criticised the United States’ decision to shift the embassy to Jerusalem as incorrect and said that it cannot be justified in the future. He appealed to the Islamic brethren to visit Jerusalem in the near future in support of Palestine.

Last year in the month of December, US President Donald Trump had accepted Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and had announced the decision to shift the US embassy there. Most of the countries had criticised this decision by President Trump. While criticising the decision, Turkish President Erdogan had accused the United States of pushing the Middle East countries into a fire with the decision to shift the embassy.

Guatemala, on Wednesday hoisted its flag at the proposed site of their embassy in Jerusalem. Guatemala is starting their embassy in Jerusalem on 16th of May, after the Israel Independence Day celebrations. Guatemala became the third Latin American country to take this decision.

Before this, Paraguay who considers Israel an independent country in the United Nations, announced the shifting of its embassy to Jerusalem. Paraguay President ‘Horacio Cartes’ announced about shifting embassy and clarified it to be a political responsibility and a personal aspiration. Honduras, another Latin American country had announced moving its embassy to Jerusalem, earlier. There were discussions between the Presidents of European Czech Republic and Romania with Israel regarding the matter.

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