Turkey’s ambition is to spread its borders in Europe like the Ottoman Empire

Third World WarAnkara: Turkey has threatened to target France with the accusation of supporting the Kurdish rebels. A few days ago, Turkey had also warned of attacking the United States soldiers stationed in Manbij, Syria. Turkey who has issued warnings to the United States and France, also submitted a proposal to attack Israel from all sides with the combined army of all 57 member nations of the ‘Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’ (OIC). It has slowly become clear that these warnings and threats are not a mere coincidence but, a part of Turkey’s ambitious plan.

Turkish President Erdogan had promised his people to expand Turkey as much as the Ottoman empire. The Ottoman empire had a spread from Asia to Europe. The current Turkish President has kept the Turkish ambition alive by repeatedly reminding his people of this glorious past. President Erdogan said, ‘The European countries have always done injustice with Turkey and the trend continues even today’. ‘Turkey was denied admission to the European Union (EU) and the European countries even attempted to dislodge the elected government in Turkey’, reminded Erdogan. ‘At the same time, the European countries who have taken Turkey’s help for restraining the refugees from entering Europe, have not fulfilled the promises they made so far’, accused Erdogan.

turkey, ottoman empire, france, erdogan, EUWith a reference to all these accounts, the Turkish President does not lose any opportunity to threaten the European countries. Some time ago, Erdogan had threatened to push an influx of refugees into Europe. One of the Turkish leaders has promised to capture Greece, which was once a part of the Ottoman empire. Greece also has realised the threat of this Turkish aggression. Greek Defence Minister Panos Caminos reminded Turkey of the war in 1821. Greece had handed out a dreadful defeat to the Ottoman empire in that war. By referring to this war, the Greek Defence Minister has shown that the Turkish threat has been taken seriously.

Having directly threatened France after Greece, President Erdogan has shown that he does not care for any major countries in Europe. France was once a country having cooperation with the Ottoman empire. President Erdogan is showing the dream of attaining that same status and expanding the borders of Turkey, to his people. President Erdogan had appealed to the Turkish people to be prepared for the Third World War, while speaking at an even in the capital Ankara.

Although the United States and western countries along with Saudi Arabia and the Middle Eastern countries are against Turkey, it can fulfil its desires with cooperation with countries like Russia and Iran, indicated President Erdogan through his policies. Therefore, the Turkish conflict will not remain limited only to Iraq and finishing the Kurdish rebels in Syria, but it seems Turkey is targeting to make the European countries its battleground as well. It will not even need a direct military action for this.

Turkey can create havoc in the European countries by just letting the millions of refugees entering Turkey and desirous of entering Europe, pass into Europe. It has been consistently issuing the same threat.


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