National Investigation Agency arrests ISI agent 

New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested a spy for espionage at a naval base in Vishakhapatnam and leaking confidential information to Pakistan. Last year, a big racket of espionage against the Indian Navy was busted. A charge sheet was filed against 14 accused in the case. Thus, the ISI agent, who was arrested on Monday, is known to be connected to the racket.    

The NIA arrested Giteli Imran from Godhra, Gujarat for espionage. He has been accused of criminal conspiracy, funding terrorist activities and leaking sensitive information to the ISI. Digital equipment and some documents have been detained from his house.    

In December 2019, ISI’s international racket was busted in Vishakhapatnam. The Pakistan spies of the ISI would enlist their aide in India. Moreover, they would procure information about the Indian warships, destroyers and confidential places. A few Navy employees had come in contact with these agents. Also, the NIA has said that a few more people could be arrested in this matter. A few days ago, NIA had arrested two ISI agents linked to the issue.    

Meanwhile, the Indian Security Forces have shattered the Pakistani sleeper cells. These cells don’t function in India fearing the action of security forces. So, the ISI has become restless. Hence, news had surfaced earlier that the ISI is planning to attack India via local hooligans and social conspiracies. 

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