ISI conspiracy to ignite terrorism in Punjab: accusation of Chief Minister, Amarinder Singh

New Delhi: Extremism is rising in Punjab once again and to counter this menace, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has demanded that the central government device a broad-based policy. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh met the central Home Minister Rajnath Singh and discussed the issue in detail. A report was submitted by the parliamentary committee that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is misguiding Punjabi youth and training them to carry out terrorist activities in India. The gravity of the demand made by Chief Minister Amarinder Singh increases against this background.

The criminal activities in Punjab have increased over the last one and a half years. There is evidence of targeted killings. The investigation of the criminals apprehended in these matters has made it clear that ISI is involved in them. Chief Minister, Amarinder Singh has repeatedly expressed concern. He also said that this is an attempt to fuel terrorism in Punjab and there is a horrible plan to create instability, in the background .

The parliamentary committee report mentions increase in the terrorist activities in Punjab. As per this report, Sikh youth in Europe and United States are being misled through the social media. The youth are being incited and drawn into terrorist activities. The youth are being trained by ISI. The report says that there are plans to create disruptions not only in Punjab but all over India, relying on the information from intelligence agencies.

In view of this, the Punjab Chief Minister had a discussion with the central Home Minister. At this time, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh asked for help from the central government for containing the increasing extremism. The ISI agents are working to mislead the youth in United States, Canada, Britain, Italy and Germany.

Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh advised that the intelligence network needs to be strengthened for this purpose. There is a need to device an all-embracing policy for this, said the Punjab Chief Minister.

The killings in Punjab are a part of the conspiracy to make Punjab unstable, said Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. Other than this, the smuggling of narcotics and arms also is a part of the same conspiracy, claimed the Punjab Chief Minister. Central Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Chief Minister Amarinder Singh also discussed a possibility of remedial action coordinated by the state and the central government. The Central Home Minister is said to have responded positively to the demands of Punjab Chief Minister.

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