Indian Defence Chief holds telephonic discussion with Japanese counterpart

New Delhi: On Monday, the Indian Army Chief, General Manoj Mukund Naravane, held a discussion on the phone with his Japanese counterpart, General Goro Yuasa. Both of them discussed strengthening the open Indo-Pacific military cooperation between India and Japan. As the Chinese dominion is rising in the Indo-Pacific region, the India-Japan cooperation in the area holds significance.    

Japanese-counterpart The Indo-Pacific region includes the Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Western and Central Pacific Ocean. China has increased its movements in the Indian Ocean. Moreover, China is trying to establish its dominion by claiming rights over the South China Sea. However, the leading Asian countries have developed a new front against China. Moreover, they have appealed that India and Japan must lead it. Following this, the cooperation between India and Japan is strengthening even more. Now, the military of India and Japan has maintained the partnership and has formed a front against China.   

Meanwhile, last week, the India-Japan logistics agreement was signed. According to the pact, both nations can use military bases reciprocally. Against this background, this discussion between the Indian and Japan defence chief draws attention. Moreover, this India-Japan cooperation is critical, given the India-China tension is rising in Ladakh. 

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