Saudi deports 14 people, who participated in planning saboteur attacks in India

Chennai: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has foiled a major terror attack in the country. Raiding four terrorist hideouts, the NIA detained three members of the Ansarullah terrorist organisation on Saturday. Fourteen people involved in the planning of these attacks have been deported from Saudi Arabia and imprisoned by NIA.

saudi, attacks, india, peopleAnsarullah, a terrorist organisation formed in Tamil Nadu, was plotting to bring a government of their choice, by carrying out terrorist attacks in the country. Also, a large amount of funding had been raised for this purpose. Expeditious action was initiated, when the Indian security agencies found a trace of the plot. NIA conducted raids in Chennai and Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu, on Saturday. Mobiles, 15 SIM cards and other objectionable materials were seized from locations. Earlier, three people were arrested in this matter, on July 9. This plot was successfully foiled based on the information revealed by these people during interrogation.

Fourteen people were arrested in this case by the NIA on Monday and were produced in the special NIA court. Furthermore, the court has remanded them to NIA custody. It is reported that they have been brought in here from Saudi Arabia. Reportedly, these fourteen were sent to India through a plane, and the authorities in India detained them at the airport.

An official from the NIA said that these people were the founders and main fundraisers for the Ansarullah terrorist organisation. The Ansarullah organisation was formed to declare a terror war against India. A major tragedy has been averted with the foiling of this plot.

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