‘ISI’ behind Rajendranagar Express mishap, which took 150 lives, claim Bihar Police

New Delhi : A shocking fact has come to the fore that Pakistan’s notorious Intelligence Agency ‘ISI’ is behind the Patna-Indore Rajendranagar Express accident, which claimed 150 lives. Bihar Police have claimed so. A couple of days back, three men were arrested from the Champaran district. This fact has been revealed during their interrogation. This has alerted the Indian Security Services and have dispatched a special squad of National Investigation Agency ‘NIA’ to Bihar.


‘ISI’ behind Rajendranagar Express mishap, which took 150 lives, claim Bihar Police

The Rajendranagar Express met with a major accident near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh on November 20 last year. 14 bogies of the Rajendranagar Express derailed during this major accident which took place in the wee hours at around 3 am. Two bogies out of it were literally sheared through. However, during the interrogation of suspects held for investigation of another crime, it has come to the fore that this was not an accident, but sabotage and it was plotted by ‘ISI’, the notorious Intelligence agency of Pakistan.

Last month, two persons had gone missing from Ghorasahan district of Bihar. Dead bodies of the missing persons – Arun Ram and Deepak Ram, were later found in the forests near Nepal border. While investigating this murder, Bihar Police had arrested last week, a suspect named Muhajir Ansari. Later, based on the information extracted during Ansari’s interrogation, Bihar Police arrested two more persons. This shocking information was gained during the interrogation of these three suspects.

Arun Ram and Deepak Ram were involved in the plot of blowing up the rail track in Champaran district of Bihar using IED. Both laid IED over the track on 1st October 2016. However, this plot failed as the wires were not connected. Both were supposed to be given Rs. 20 lakh for this job. A part of this amount was paid in advance to them. However, the plot failed due to the duo’s mistake. Later both were killed, since the amount paid earlier was not returned.

Although the first plot failed, the second plot was accomplished by exploding the rail track in Kanpur. Apart from Muhajir Ansari, Brijkishore and Shambhu Giri, few others also were involved in the Arun Ram and Deepak Ram murder plot. These three were arrested in Nepal and a couple of days later, 3 more, named Moti Paswan, Uma Shankar and Mukesh Yadav have been arrested in Ghorasahan. The involvement of Dubai based Nepali businessman, named Brijesh Giri, has surfaced during the interrogation of these suspects. These three were given Rs. 30 lakhs for blowing up the rail track near Kanpur. ISI agents in Nepal were used for this operation. Brijesh Giri had provided the funds for this purpose. It is also coming forth that even Brijesh Giri is an ISI agent. Police are on the lookout for two more persons, named Gajendra Sharma and Rakesh Yadav, related to this case.

If the information unearthed during the interrogation of Bihar Police is true, then it is getting evident that ISI is trying out newer experiments of terror attacks in India. Hence, in future, the government will have to pay special attention towards the security of railway tracks.

In the past few months, the tensions between India and Pakistan have aggravated. After the attack over the military base in Uri on September 28, India had finished several terrorists in the PoK region, carrying out a surgical strike. That an attempt was made to blow up the railway track in Champaran district immediately thereafter, i.e. on October 1, 2016, clearly points to an act of sabotage. However, the Central Home Ministry is unwilling to share information of any sort pertaining to this,  unless all the investigations are completed.

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