Stone pelting cases decline in Jammu and Kashmir due to NIA, says Rajnath Singh

Lucknow / Jammu : The Minister of Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh, made it clear that the instances of stone-pelting have come down greatly in Jammu-Kashmir, and the credit for this goes to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Likewise, the activities of the terrorists and the Maoists have been successfully controlled in the last three years, he claimed. The Home Minister further gave an assurance that the Country would be rid off this problem of  terrorism by the next five years.  


Stone pelting cases

Many ‘crooks’ posing as leaders in Jammu Kashmir have been trapped in various episodes of ‘terror funding’. ‘NIA’ has managed to arrest eight such leaders and have also raided certain places. As a result the biggest ever network of money laundering from Pakistan and Saudi for promoting terrorism here, has been totally destroyed. The Home Minister Rajnath Singh informed this at a function in Lucknow , held to inaugurate the opening of ‘NIA’s office and resident building quarters.  

NIA’s‘ role in bringing down instances of stone-pelting in Jammu-Kashmir has been very prominent, said Rajnath Singh. He added, that the terrorists have received a rude shock as the source of their funds and the fake currency route have been cut off. ‘NIA‘ has done an excellent job, Rajnath Singh said, by wrecking the ‘terror funding’ channels.

‘NIA’ has proved itself to be the Country’s most trustworthy Investigation Agency. Rajnath Singh emphasized that the 95% cases handed over to ‘NIA’ for investigations  have been suitably punished.

The Government and the Security Forces, who had avowed to take strict action against those posing a threat to the security of the Nation or challenging it, have been amply successful in the course of the last three years to implement hard decisions and carry out actions. There has been a 75% reduction in the terrorist activities in the North-Eastern India. While Maoist activities have come down by 35% to 40%.

The Home Minister Rajnath Singh expressed confidence that by the year 2022, the Kashmir problem and terrorism, the Maoist’s activities, and the issues in the North–East India would have had found a solution. He said that the Government is committed to this and is working  with this commitment.

Meanwhile Jitendra Singh, Minister of State from PMO said clearly in Jammu, that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the next five years as target to wipe off terrorism within India. We are yet not free from the clutches of two evils, terrorism and corruption. To liberate India from the British slavery, the Quit India movement was started; along the same lines a movement to wipe out terrorism from India has been started said Jitendra Singh. Right now terrorism is  in its last phase in Kashmir. Very soon we should see the end of terrorism from Jammu-Kashmir, he claimed.    

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