‘IS’ terrorist confesses to conspiring to kill Indian leaders during NIA interrogation

New Delhi: Last year, 22 people had mysteriously gone missing from Kerala. It was later uncovered that all of them had gone to Afghanistan for joining the terrorist organization ‘IS’. A shocking piece of information had come to the fore during the inquiry of an ‘IS’ terrorist arrested in this matter by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). The terrorist confessed during the interrogation that the ‘IS’ was outlining a conspiracy to kill the Indian leaders and to attack religious places to cause unrest. More shocking revelations are expected during the terrorist interrogation.

Last month, the United Arab Emirates-‘UAE’ agency in Abu Dhabi extradited the terrorist, Mouinudheen Parakadavath to the Indian investigation agency. Mouinudheen, originally a resident of Kerala, was running a racket for recruiting youngsters from India into ‘IS’. Mouinudheen is the key person in connection to the last year’s case where 22 people from Kerala left India through various mediums for joining the ‘IS’. Therefore, the revelations being made during the investigation evidently show, how the ‘IS’ is trying to expand its influence in India.

The ‘IS‘ has created secret online groups using different names and discussions regarding its targets for India are carried out on these online forums. According to the claim made by Mouinudheen, he was a member of the online group called ‘Bab Al Noor’. A similar conspiracy was also outlined on this group. Extensive discussions were carried out on this group about targeting Indian leaders and religious locations. Such conspiracies are being plotted on various online groups and these groups are attempting to successfully accomplish them with the help of the ‘IS’ proponents and supporters in India. During the interrogation, Mouinudheen had also revealed that many youngsters from Kerala were involved in such online groups.

Out of the 22 people that went missing in Kerala last year, Mouinudheen met 5 on the  border of Iraq in June 2016. Mouinudheen had gone to Iran‘s Tehran from Abu Dhabi. Mangalassery Abdulla, who hails from Kerala’s Kasaragod district had accompanied him on this journey. During this journey, a few more youngsters from Kerala got in touch with Mouinudheen through chats. Out of these, 5 individuals later met with Mouinudheen. The names of 4 of these individuals were Dr. Ijaz, Marvaan, Manjad and Hafizuddin. Whereas, Mouinudheen could not recall the name of the 5th individual as per his statement to the ‘NIA’, reports the media.

Meanwhile, according to figures, more than hundred ‘IS’ terrorists have been arrested so far. Amongst these, the maximum number of ‘IS’ terrorists have been arrested from Kerala.

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