Iran seizes UAE oil tanker

Tehran: The repercussions of the Israel-UAE peace agreement are being felt in the Persian Gulf. Iran seized a UAE oil tanker claiming that the tanker violated the Iranian marine limit. Whereas, two Iranian fishermen were killed in action taken by the UAE against Iranian fishing vessels. Iran, infuriated after this incident, summoned the Deputy to the UAE ambassador.  

On Monday, the UAE coast guard opened fire on the Iranian fishing boats. Two Iranian fishermen were killed in the UAE action, and one fisherman was arrested. At the same time, the Iranian foreign ministry alleged that UAE seized one of the Iranian fishing boats. Thereafter, the Iranian foreign ministry summoned the Deputy of the UAE Ambassador and appealed to release the detained fisherman and hand over the bodies of the killed fishermen. At the same time, Iran has demanded that the UAE should immediately release the detained Iranian boat and pay compensation.  

The UAE government has not replied to the Iranian allegations. But as per the information published by the UAE government mouthpiece, eight Iranian fishing boats had intruded into the UAE marine limits near the Sir Abu Nu’Ayr Island. The concerned mouthpiece informed that the UAE coast guard instructed these fishing boats not to enter UAE waters. But as the fishing boats disobeyed the instructions, action had to be taken against them. The mouthpiece did not specify the number of boats seized. But the tension has been heightened in the Persian Gulf following the incident.   

Iran also took action against the UAE oil tanker on Monday. The Iranian foreign ministry informed that along with the ship, even the crew had been detained. The Iranian foreign ministry alleged that the UAE oil tanker intruded into the Iranian marine limits. The tension in the Persian Gulf has festered following both these incidents. Even last week, Iranian patrol boats had raided and laid siege for a certain period on a UAE oil tanker. The Iranian patrol boats had executed this action in the Gulf of Oman. Last week, Iran took this action one day before the signing of the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE. The Monday incident follows the peace agreement signed between Israel and the UAE. Iran had strongly criticised the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE.  

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had warned that UAE has committed a blunder by signing the peace agreement with Israel. Iranian Revolutionary Guards had warned that UAE would have to face dire consequences for the agreement, in the coming times. Against this background, the developments in the Persian Gulf are being taken very seriously.   

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