UAE oil tanker goes missing from the radar, involvement of Iranian Revolutionary Guards suspected

Third World WarWashington/Dubai: An oil tanker from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has gone missing from the Persian Gulf, since the last four days. As per the UAE sources, the tanker went missing from the radar, while it was passing through the Strait of Hormuz. The United States has said that it suspects that the ships of the Revolutionary Guards, deployed in the Strait of Hormuz, have taken over the UAE tanker.

The transponders on the Riah oil tanker are non-responsive, since Saturday. This tanker loaded with Crude, left for Dubai and Sharjah from the Fujairah port in UAE. On the return, the tanker lost contact with the leading agencies, at about 11pm on Saturday. UAE claimed that the oil tanker went missing from the radar. The Kesh Island, in the Strait of Hormuz, lies in the path of the Riah oil Tanker. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have a base on this island. The US military officials have expressed a suspicion that the Revolutionary Guards have seized the tanker.

UAE, oil tanker, radar, revolutionary guardsSince the last three months, the Riah tanker has been regularly transporting Crude. No such incident was reported in the last three months, and the Riah tanker never shut down its transponder. Therefore, the UAE military officials are saying that there is a strong possibility that the Riah tanker has been hijacked.

As per the information published by the Iranian foreign ministry, the Revolutionary Guards brought a malfunctioning ship to the Strait of Hormuz. But the foreign ministry has neither given the details of the concerned ship nor when the incident took place. Last week, the Revolutionary Guards attempted take-over a British tanker, by trying to change its course. Therefore, it is a strong possibility that Iran has taken this action to teach a lesson to the UAE, a close ally of the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The United States has imposed sanctions against Iranian oil exports. Iran had threatened that if it will not allow any country’s oil to be carried through this region if it’s unable to pass its oil through the Persian Gulf. Therefore, the Middle Eastern media are predicting a connection between the UAE tanker going missing and the Iranian threat.

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