Iran attacked ships to raise the global price of oil, accuses US State Secretary Mike Pompeo

Third World WarWashington: On May 12, four vessels near the coast of the UAE were subjected to sabotage attack. US State Secretary Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for attacks in the Gulf, saying it was an effort by Tehran to raise the global price of oil as it is reeling under the economic crisis. Pompeo claimed Iran to be behind the attack on Saudi oil tankers.

Yemeni Houthi rebels had accepted the responsibility of attack on four commercial ships near the coast of the UAE. However, the US, Saudi and the UAE have been accusing Iran of these attacks. With no conclusive evidence to present against Iran so far, Iran and European media claimed the US to be feigning. Iran accused that the US has cited the reason of the attack on ships only to attack Iran.

Iran, US state secretary, pompeoHowever, US State Secretary Pompeo had declared the evidence for the said attack to be available. He said that US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, had shown him concrete proofs of Iran being responsible for these attacks. Furthermore, he also accused that Iran had an ulterior motive behind attacking Saudi ships.

Since the last few months, Saudi has become successful in keeping the oil price low in the international market. Saudi had assured that the oil prices in the international market would not soar due to the instability in the fuel-exporting countries such as Venezuela, Iran and Sudan. Moreover, Saudi had also affirmed if the oil supply from Iran is blocked owing to the US sanctions, its repercussion would not be felt on the international market. Thus, to retaliate Saudi and to increase fuel prices in the international market, Iran mounted attacks on Saudis ship, accused Pompeo.

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